Pictures were taken by PathWay staff.
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Welcome to PathWay
America's Broadband Choice.


Fast Reliable service with speeds from 6Mbps to 1Gbps connections.

6Mbps for $45.95 a month
No hidden fees or taxes

If you are looking to ditch your landline but keep your Internet
now is the time to do it.

To see what speeds you qualify for call us at 1-800-385-9000.

  • No existing phone line or active service needed!
  • $100 Professional Installation. Limited time offer.
  • Free, friendly tech support
  • Up to5 Email Accounts - 5GB of space each
  • Unlimited Bandwith, no overages ever
  • No Rate Hikes After First Year - These are not Teaser Prices.
  • No Price Jacking.
    If you're ever late during your contract period, we have found in other providers fine print that allow them to switch your account to the default (full) price. This is never the case with BlazeConnect.

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Blaze Connect
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